Drader Injectiweld manufactures plastic welding equipment and sells it to the rotational moulding industry. JSJ Productions worked with Drader to deliver effective ad campaigns to this important market. I grew to trust JSJ (and more specifically Jennifer Gibson) to look after the best interests of my company. Creative ideas and well thought out strategies were the hallmark of our relationship. Jennifer helped me develop and deliver what turned out to be the most effective ad campaign of our company’s history (welded plastic samples to every subscriber). We received many calls on that campaign – even years after it ran – It was a true success. Two thumbs up for JSJ Productions!!

Bruce Lecky

Great company to work with. RotoWorld has set the benchmark for advancing communications in the rotational molding industry.

Vice-Chancellor & President, Vice-Chancellor’s Office, The University of Waikato

I have both known and worked with staff at JSJ Productions for well over 20 years. They always get the job done and have fun doing it! They truly love their job.

We all seem to have to operate in a do-more-with-less environment. While you are away from your real job, JSJ allows you to maximize your time invested to advance your industry and association. When placing your association or event in their hands your desires and goals will be met but all of the never ending details are done for you.

The JSJ staff is professional and creative in what they do and they have mastered their profession. When I attend a function with JSJ, I always have confidence that my time will be productive, the industry interactions will be positive and I will leave with that “nugget” that will make the time spent worthwhile.

Brian Rose, President, Water Event and Treasurer of MABWA

How can entrepreneurs running small town stores under gross annual revenue of $200,000 work side by side with businessmen who’s operations reach in the 100′s $M per year? Can the wisdom, experience, and commitment of a multi-generational business owner contribute to and learn from the enthusiastic experiments of a whiz kid a few years out of school? What will happen when all these men and women work together as volunteers to move their common goals forward? A group so diverse some call what they have accomplished a remarkable achievement while others call it magic. One thing we all agree on is that the value of our time taken away from our individual businesses is multiplied by JSJ Productions, Inc.

I am primarily a beneficiary of the work done on my behalf by the Culligan Dealers of North America (CDANA). But contributions ranging from a huge time commitment of a term on the board of directors to tasks as simple as giving presentations at conventions were all much more productive with the coordination, logistical, organizational, and advisory help from Jennifer, Susan, and their team at JSJ. I have always felt free to focus on the unique perspective and skills I could bring to the task at hand while they worked out all the details.

The experience and creativity they bring to our organization has helped CDANA grow into such a valuable resource, I can honestly call it the primary advantage I enjoy as the Culligan Man.

Gordon Sanders, Past Board Member, Culligan Dealers of North America